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for a challenge.

We are a novel corporation that build, structure and manage businesses focused on solving socio economic problems and creating value.

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We improve your business’ performance by creating, designing and providing strong corporate branding solutions. We deliver quality services to every facet of your company's growth.

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We know how important execution is for successful events. Crevents is here to work with you on making your events the talk of the town. We are your one stop shop for creative event services.

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about us

We're motivated by the desire to solve problems.

We are promoting socio economic developments in Nigeria by growing a community of healthy and educated workforce who become problem solvers and service providers.

Our expertise spans 6 strategic sectors: branding, software solutions, marketing (inbound and outbound), photography, fashion and real estate.

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our culture

We are building a community of problem solvers.

At Sarge, EXCELLENCE is an attitude we continue to nurture for business success. We invest in the right talents at all levels. Our team of creatives are focused on creating value by solving your business and individual challenges.

Our Sergeants are harnessed to help you achieve your business, marketing and life goals.

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A lot of businesses trust in the Sarge way!

By understanding our clients' needs, we have provided quality solutions that are helping them meet their business and individual goals.

Our Team

Meet the first

Our Team

Meet the first

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Nkemka C'merije
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June Allen
Creative Director
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Tochukwu Odeme